Summary Statement
Detail oriented geospatial professional with strong visual abilities and a master’s degree in Environmental Science (Geospatial Analysis option). Professional experience in aerial imagery, troubleshooting, quality control, leadership, and documentation. Strong educational background in GIS and cartography.
Master of Science, Environmental Science, Geospatial Analysis option                 Graduated 12/2015 University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO                                                                                  GPA 4.0

Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate                                                     Completed 12/2015 University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO                                                                                  GPA 4.0
Relevant Courses and Skills: Remote Sensing (image processing with ENVI remote sensing software), GIS and Geospatial Analysis (ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 and later, QGIS), Cartography and Computer Mapping (ESRI ArcGIS, Adobe Creative Suite), GIS Applications for Urban Environments, Relational Databases (PostgreSQL/PostGIS), WebGIS (ArcGIS Server, MapServer), Contemporary Environmental Issues, Earth Environments-Human Impacts, Disasters-Climate Change-Health
Geospatial Projects: (see LinkedIn profile Education section for project documents)

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography                                                                              Graduated 3/2006 University of Washington, Seattle, WA                                                                                         GPA 3.77

Professional Experience
Freelancing                                                                                                                                     8/2016 – Present Seattle, WA 
GIS: Advising for research grant proposals involving GIS and mapping
Photography: Freelance assisting, fine art photography sales, digital and film capture
Design: Book design, scanning, post processing, and compiling source materials
Aerial 3D Quality Production Lead (QC / DSAT / Triage)                                                8/2013 – 11/2015 Microsoft / Bing (Contracted through Insight Global), Boulder, CO
Quality Control (QA/QC)
Refined and developed new quality specifications for aerial 3D photo-realistic imagery found in the Windows 10 Maps app (Aerial layer), implemented across a team of 200 individuals
Responsible for ensuring every 3D city published met the quality specification
Performed verification of map features across multiple data sources to ensure accurate representation of high priority POI’s
Developed new production processes, and workflows to drive efficiency. Documented and implemented them through standard operating procedure training documents
Conducted before and after comparisons to detect change, avoid regression, and ensure geographic areas were accurately represented in the database
Troubleshooting / Issue Resolution
Identified, investigated, and escalated problems and inconsistencies found during quality control process, then tracked and ushered resolutions through system to ensure completion
Collaborated with software engineers, program managers, and various teams (including photogrammetry and DEM operators) to develop effective and timely plans to resolve issues
Became well versed in all aspects of the creation of 2D and 3D digital mapping products
Collaborated with developers and program managers in custom tool development
Acted upon internal feedback to refine 3D imagery product

Leadership / Management
Trained a team of 2-3 specialists to assist in my responsibilities
Supervised progress and provided updates to ensure aggressive production goals were met
Held bi-weekly meetings to present documentation of issues, resolutions, and successes for each city to program managers and the aerial teams
Trusted with confidential information from foreign governments regarding sensitive locations
Confirmed imagery shipments to enable data deletion and lab cleanup

Area of Interest (AOI) Definition Team Lead                                                                      5/2013 – 8/2013 Microsoft / Bing (Contracted through TEKsystems and Insight Global), Boulder, CO

Leadership / Management
Headed a team of 5-7 operators under the Aerial Acquisitions department
Supervised GIS Analysts who created AOIs based on multiple data inputs
Tracked and reported progress to program managers to ensure deadlines were met

Quality Control (QA/QC)
Analyzed incoming flight plans to ensure they met specification
Reviewed AOI definitions by operators
Provided feedback on detailed documents describing the creation of each AOI

Vendor Communications
Solicited flight plans from a group of international aerial survey companies
Provided feedback on flight plans describing how to bring them within specification
Communicated deadlines and followed with flyers up to ensure they were met

Color Quality Control Team Lead                                                                                     10/2011 – 5/2013 Microsoft / Bing (Contracted through TEKsystems), Boulder, CO

Leadership / Management
Led a team of 7-10 individuals responsible for ensuring aerial 2D orthomosaics met the quality specification prior to shipping to Bing Maps (Aerial layer) and our client
Wrote technical documents describing standard operating procedures used for training
Stayed on to lead the Global Ortho project and help draw it to completion

Quality Control (QA/QC)
Ensured orthomosaics met color, radiometric, and accuracy specifications
Performed aerial block level imagery adjustments using proprietary tools
Team was responsible for performing final QA/QC review prior to shipping
Performed geo-coding to properly locate important POI’s

Client Relations
Communicated directly with client about progress toward aggressive production goals
Performed troubleshooting and investigated client concerns about potential issues

Image Quality Technician                                                                                                     6/2011-10/2011 Microsoft / Bing (Contracted through Equiom and TEKsystems), Boulder, CO
Quality Control (QA/QC)
Analyzed aerial 2D orthomosaics for issues and tagged for follow-up using proprietary tools
Reviewed and provided feedback on the work of colleagues
Identified and raised previously unknown imagery issues

Image Correction and Manipulation
Quickly gained in-depth understanding of standard operating procedures
Rerouted seamlines between orthoimages to correct issues
Edited digital elevation data (DEMs) to correct imagery issues
Employed Photoshop to correct issues that could not be addressed by other means

Full-Time Studio/Photographer’s Assistant                                                                       6/2006-12/2010 Studio 3, Inc., Seattle, WA
Lighting and Assisting
Set building and striking
Complex studio and location lighting
Real-time imagery quality control and troubleshooting

Studio Maintenance
Cleaning, organizing, stocking supplies
Equipment upkeep and repairs

Client Relations
On set assistance
Travel planning and location scouting